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About Uloma

I love Theatre!

I am a talented Play Director, Writer, Musician, Talent manager.

What my site is about

My Website is about theatre arts


What i offer

I can train and manage talent.

My Story

Born in Nigeria, raised in England, married and living in Iceland, and travelled extensively around the world, Ufuoma’s outside eye has taken her on a journey of discovery and celebration of cultures. Hence, her mission statement: ‘bridging cultures with edutainment’. Trained: King´s College, London, College of Law. Her English MA at the University of Iceland explored the theme of ‘betrayal’ and it´s linguistic justification in literature. Currently taking graduate courses and collating material for her proposed doctorate research in Creative Writing, comparing modern day Nigerian society with that of Chaucer´s Medieval society. From this her Nigerian/Chaucer love affair stems. And with an avid passion for theatre, a holy alliance was born: The Miller´s Tale: ‘Wahala Dey O!’ is the first of two plays she has written, produced and directed through her company Saga Tiata. Presently working on her first novel and devising a third play. Although her first passion has been raising her children and being a mother.

The freedom to think outside the box is the beginning of many new ventures. The Miller´s Tale: ‘Wahala Dey O!’ which she sums up as a tale that was, ‘conceived in Iceland in 2006, nurtured in Nigeria and birthed in the UK in Edinburgh 2012’ is one such venture. Hence, the name of the company Saga Tiata: ‘Saga’ is Icelandic for stories and ‘Tiata’ is Nigerian Pidgin for theatre.